The medical checkup

Last update: May 21, 2020.

What is a medical checkup?

The medical checkup is the best tool to early detect the existence of risk factors or diseases, being able to treat them with greater chances of success, by allowing to know your current health status.

What does a medical checkup include?

A medical checkup usually includes several procedures to be performed by different health professionals, such as a general medical examination, height/weight check, blood pressure check, blood test (hemogram, electrolytes, proteins, hepatic enzymes, sterols and fatty acids, glucose or hormones, among others), urine test (proteins), electrocardiogram (for those at a higher risk of heart disease), chest x-ray (for heavy smokers), etc.

How often should a medical checkup be done?

Although there is no consensus worldwide ―and the recommendations may vary between different countries―, worldwide experts in preventive medicine recommend, in general, to perform a medical checkup every 2 or 3 years in order to detect any significant disorder that could be the beginning of a subsequent disease.
Therefore, it is the best way to prevent dozens of diseases that only manifest themselves in very delicate stages and that are difficult to diagnose in time due to, for example, asymptomatic characteristics.

The reality

However, most people don’t follow this recommendation, mainly because of the high amount of time required to perform it.
In addition, starting at age 50, more serious diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, problems of blood circulation, diabetes, respiratory problems (especially smokers) or liver problems (mainly in people who have drunk before), begin to manifest (check the prevalence for most common diseases). Unfortunately, many of these diseases, if not detected and treated in time, can cause serious complications and even death.
Besides, we cannot forget about heart problems, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, depression or cancer, so a yearly medical checkup is widely recommended for older people, although unfortunately, still few people follow this recommendation (not everyone can understand their importance and wonder if they really need to be done, even when they do not feel any pain or symptoms).
Moreover, the current busy lifestyle doesn’t help to devote the necessary time to perform all exams once a year, every year.

Our proposal

The CxPREVENTIVE checkups are preventive checkup tests based on a routine blood, urine and/or stool analysis, and an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that generates an automatic interpretative report. Developed to obtain a complete picture of your health and designed to detect earlier the main disorders of key body systems and functions.

Available CxPREVENTIVE checkups


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