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Can I avoid medical appointments once performed a Blueberry Diagnostics’ checkup?

Definitively no. Although all Blueberry Diagnostics’ checkups allow get the full picture of your health, once a disorder or disease is found, they suggest a medical appointment in order to be evaluated and treated by your doctor. In this way, all Blueberry Diagnostics’ checkups have been developed for the exclusive use by healthcare professionals, and...


Ok, Blueberry Diagnostics’ checkup stated I have a little Vitamin D insufficiency, can I buy an “Over the Counter” Vitamin D supplement by myself?

Although there are several commercial supplements of vitamin D available without a prescription (such as Faes Farma “Hidroferol” or Bayer “One-A-Day”, for example), we recommend not to self-medicate and consult with your doctor for the adequate dose, since an excess of vitamin D could cause an intoxication with some more serious results even than the...


Once I will have the report in my possession, who will interpret it?

All Blueberry Diagnostics’ checkups output an easy-to-understand report with recommendations if a disorder is found. However, they are also specially designed to help in raising awareness that you should go to your doctor for more tests in order to investigate what is causing the abnormal blood or urine values found.