Last update: September 11, 2020.


nCoVPASS™ is a secured and certified online tool, specially designed to facilitate the de-escalation process.
nCoVPASS™ works as a digital certificate and is offered exclusively with either of the rapid antigen tests that we currently have approved (Panbio™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test and Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test).

Although any individual can obtain their own nCoVPASS™ by purchasing a rapid antigen test marketed by Blueberry Diagnostics, nCoVPASS™ has been specially designed with the business world in mind, where companies must ensure the safe return of workers, customers and suppliers to their jobs and generate a coronavirus-free environment to promote trust towards the brand.
For this, from Blueberry Diagnostics we have also developed a digital certificate, which can be downloaded automatically for all the nCoVPASS™ generated, and which certifies a negative result for any of the two tests that we currently have approved.

Both the nCoVPASS™ online validation and the digital certificate in PDF format are valid for 7 days from the day the test is performed, showing in the case of a negative result, a transition from dark green to light green and finally, yellow, as the days elapse from the collection of the sample.
Optionally, nCoVPASS™ can send, automatically, a reminder to request a new test, once the current one has expired.

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